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Making Michael delves deep inside the career of one of the most successful, enigmatic and controversial entertainers of all time: Michael Jackson.

Side-stepping sensationalism, journalist Mike Smallcombe paints a vivid portrait of a man few people truly knew, the Michael Jackson who made making music his life’s work rather than the one portrayed on the front pages of the tabloids.

Interviewing over sixty of Jackson's associates including managers, lawyers, music executives, producers, musicians and engineers – many of whom are speaking about their experiences publicly for the first time – he provides exclusive access to one of the biggest-selling recording artists in history.

Featuring a foreword by Matt Forger, one of Jackson's longest serving and most loyal collaborators, Making Michael takes readers into the studio with the King of Pop, charting the creation of record-breaking albums including Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory and the twists and turns that occurred along the way. Untold stories, revelations and secrets finally see the light of day as Jackson's career outside the studio is also examined.

Supported by the people who shared the journey with him, Making Michael takes readers behind the scenes, revealing Jackson at his best; and at his most unrelenting, ruthlessly pursuing perfection and displaying a cutthroat shrewdness and competitiveness few knew existed.

 "Explosive..extraordinary" - Sunday Express


"Revelatory" - The Daily Mirror

"Without a doubt the most comprehensive biography on Michael Jackson published to date" - The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies


"Like a Michael Jackson diary" - The MJ Cast




“Explosive...extraordinary” - Sunday Express

“Revelatory” - The Daily Mirror

“Without a doubt the most comprehensive biography on Michael Jackson published to date” - The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies

“Like a Michael Jackson diary” - The MJ Cast

“I found it very well researched and factual throughout every chapter. I can easily say it is one of the best books I’ve ever read about Michael; and as a long-time fan I’ve read pretty much everything that was written about him. Thank you for the gift you have given me and other fans, it was a pleasure reading your work.”

Linda, Cambridge (UK), via email


“I have just finished reading Making Michael and there are no words to explain how much I enjoyed it. As a huge fan I've read several books about Michael. Making Michael is an honest and powerful interpretation of Michael's art. This message is just a simple and sincere. Thanks, God bless you and your job.”

Felice Guarino, via email


“Thank you for this amazing gift, your book, which I have just finished reading. I simply loved it. As a person who loves Michael Jackson, this book gave me a greater insight into his world and persona. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.”

Sanjay Giany, via email


“This book is amazing. Read it while in Mexico and I was hooked. Can't believe it hasn't been done before.”

Mark Eames, Facebook


“I downloaded your book and I'm so intrigued by it, I’m trying to pace myself but I can't help myself. Great job!”

Joshua Claussen‎, Facebook


“By far the best book I’ve ever read about Michael, Thank you for that treasure.”

Jenny, Malibu Fan Club Germany


“Everyone must read this book. The author mailed me an autographed copy straight from the UK. It is well written, carefully worded and with respect to the legend. The breakdown of all the behind the scenes of MJ creating music/albums is very interesting, I am learning a lot of stuff that I was unaware of. Congratulations Mike, great book!”  

Luis Enrique Camacho‎, Facebook


“This book is written very well, it offers an insight into the creation of songs and albums that no other book has ever touched upon. Interviews with those who worked so closely with Michael Jackson are informative and having read many books on MJ I discovered so much that's new. This book has you hooked right from the very start as you follow the superstar's career from start right through to his tragic early death with no stone unturned. A must read for any MJ fan. Great front cover image and the book has a great feel to it, good choice of stock.”

 J Martin, Amazon


“Once you start reading it, you just cannot tear yourself away from keep reading it.”

Mirella Giurcoon, Amazon


“Great read. Very balanced. Presents the facts without shying away from the controversial episodes in Michael's life but doesn't make any judgements about these periods too.”

BlueKelt, Amazon


“I could not put it down! Awesome, the best book about MJ I have ever read!”

Jonny Brandon, Amazon


“Despite the author being a British journalist with no real links to Michael Jackson - he's perhaps surpassed any other book out there by managing to get incredibly engaging and informative interviews with a whole host of Michael Jackson's collaborators, resulting in a simply wonderful read.”

Captain EO, Amazon


“This book is brilliant. It’s so insightful and very detailed. Finally a book talking about the magic that was Michael Jackson’s music and not his personal life. From Off the Wall right up until Invincible, work on every album is extremely detailed and also detailed on songs that never made it onto any albums. Highly recommend this book to any and every Michael Jackson fan!”

Christopher Lawson, Amazon


“Reading the details about the Thriller sessions - the mixing and mastering process especially - had my palms sweaty and my heart racing. I almost felt I was there! Beautifully written and an amazing read. Exactly what it says - a journey through Michael’s career. Fantastic and would recommend it to all.”

Lewis, Amazon


“If you are interested in Michael's creative work then Making Michael is the one. It would also make a great reference for those who are studying Michael Jackson's career and for researchers.”

Nada, Goodreads


“I was extremely impressed by the wonderful research Smallcombe has done, and I'm especially happy that he didn't rely on tabloids whatsoever like so many before him did. Refreshing.”

L.M. Tuwah, Goodreads


“I really respect the author for his thorough research, word of truth interviews, and pure personal passion behind the man and not the myth. Bravo and respect.”

Dragonpoetikfly, Goodreads


“I really enjoyed this book. I was not a big fan of MJ prior to reading it, but I have much better feelings toward him now.”

Virginia, Goodreads